How To Clean Laminate Floors Without Streaking

Are you wondering about how to clean laminate floors to keep their dignity intact?

Well, the best idea is to clean them frequently using the right tools and methods. Laminate floors deserve special attention and care because they take a great number of hits in our houses.

They need to deal with all the dust, dirt, and grime you bring from the outdoors. Add some more debris that your kids or pets carry while playing outside.

When everything mixes to create a new level of mess, you need to follow appropriate cleaning techniques before the grime becomes a major cleaning task.

An efficient pattern to take care of the extra dust to deploy some preventive measures. They will not only protect the hard floors from extra dust but also keep the cleaning time down. Place foot mats outside and inside of the main door.

Water and ice could make negative impacts on the laminate floors. So, Allot a boot removal area, especially in the rainy season or snowy weather. It’s a great habit to remove your shoes at the door, so that none of the dirt, grime or dust can enter the house.

Also, place a small microfiber or any other ordinary cloth in the shoebox or nearby, so that you can easily clean the unwanted water pools on the floor.

Place some carpets or rugs in your kid’s room or playing area, so that none of their toys can scratch the floor. Use some furniture protectors under all the furniture pieces to prevent scratches, which might happen while cleaning. Now we will discuss some of the other tips that can help while cleaning laminate floors.

Clean The Laminate Floors Regularly Without Streaking

Using a broom in combination with its dustpan is the best way to clean laminate floors. How often the floor needs cleaning? Well, that depends upon the traffic. You can use a also use a laminate floor cleaning mop after treating it with a cleaning agent. Prefer a mop with microfiber head because it the best fabric that can easily draw all the dust, dirt, and grime.

Vacuum clean the hard floors for better results. You can use a stick vac or canister vacuum once a week. However, make sure you are not using any vacuum that uses a beater bar or any similar cleaning head. Otherwise, it will damage the laminate floor’s finish. Use disposable cloths for quick cleanups. Visit CleanTheFloor Canada for more details.

Mop The Laminate Floors

Routine cleaning according to the schedule is the best way to maintain laminate floors. You also need to take preventive measures while cleaning, otherwise, the extra moisture might damage them.

Weekly dusting is great, but cannot remove the accumulated dust and grime. Spring or the time before winter holidays are the best for deep laminate floor cleaning.


You need a floor mop and cleaning agent to mop clean the laminate floors. Submerge a rag or mop in water mixed with a cleaning agent and squeegee it almost dry. The mop should be damp, not wet. Mop the floor and make sure to remove the standing water. You can rinse the mop and use it again over the floor.

However, the best idea is to follow the usage instructions given with the cleaning agent for the best results. Power on the fan for fast drying, especially during humid conditions. If deep cleaning is unable to cut through the dried up grime, then refinishing the wooden floor is the last option.

Which is The Best Laminate Floor Cleaner?

Are you unsure of a suitable cleaning agent for the laminate floors?

Well, you can contact the floor manufacturers for the same and they can recommend an appropriate cleaner. If the floors are old or the manufacturers are not reachable anymore, then try any of the cleaners that especially made for laminate floors. Do not use tile or vinyl cleaner over wooden ones because they might damage the precious ground instead of cleaning it.

If you don’t want to use harsh chemicals in your house, then try an organic cleaner or a Greenguard certified product because they safe for your kids or pets. You can also try one of the home made cleaning solutions if you want to take a completely natural route.

How To Clean The Laminate Floors Naturally?

You can use vinegar to clean the laminate floors naturally. It provides a safe and eco-friendly cleaning method. Also, using vinegar will save some money because you don’t have to purchase any other cleaning agents.

Add 1/2 cup white vinegar in a gallon of lukewarm water and follow the above-given steps to clean the hard wooden floors using a mop.

Keep in mind that vinegar can damage some of the laminate floors. So, it’s a great idea to check the vinegar mix in a corner before you apply the same to a large area.

How To Get Rid of Stains On Laminate Floors?

Check the laminate floor’s finish before hitting the onboard stains. In case the mark or stain is on the surface, then the floor might have a hard finish. So, wipe the stains using a soft and clean cloth.

Never try to use steel wool, sandpaper, or any other harsh chemicals. Any of these items can damage the floor or spoil its appearance.

If the stain has entered the internal wooden layers, then it has an oiled finish most probably. In the case of dark spots and pet stains, you need to use a no.000 steel wool and then floor wax.

If the spot is not ready to leave, then try vinegar or bleach and let it sit on the spot for one hour. Use a damp cloth to take it off.

Use fine steel wool to deal with heel marks. If you are worried about any oil-based stains, then rub it with a dish detergent mixed with water. Rinse off with water and repeat the same procedure if the stains are stubborn.

Hope this guide will help to clean laminate floors without streaking and keep it shiny.



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